Colorizing Video Solarizer

Similar to the Sandin Video Function Generator except that it gives the artist Red, Green and Blue controls for each level. There's also external modulation inputs with attenuators (accepts CV's from any other synthesizer). An oscillator with very low frequency and field-rate frequencies is included for animation and modulation, and there's a front-panel jack that makes the oscillator output available for modulating other devices. SolaChromatron uses 1 volt video and control voltages so it works perfectly with Vidiot, RGB Encoders, Visual Cortex...
At the present time all of my front panels are hand-wired and decorated with acrylic paints.
I am currently in the process of building and testing 20 SolaChromatrons. I just received the prototype control pcbs and am also in the process of procuring the new parts for them.The new control boards will raise the price of the kit by $50, but the assembled and tested module price will remain the same. So hang in there! I'll put them up on the web page when they're ready
04/30/20: I now have 4 Solachromatrons fully assembled and tested, one has a 1/16" Birch Plywood front panel, the others are waiting for aluminum panels to be finished. I'm waiting until Syncotron and Chromagnatron are finished before I put anything on the webpage. Please hang in there a little longer

Short Demo Video
SolaChromatron Feedback video 1
SolaChromatron Feedback video 2
Solachromatron initial setup instructions